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Who is Joshua Bretag…?

Who is Joshua Bretag…?

I could tell you that he’s an IT pro and big data junkie, with dozens of high profile client projects under his belt. Or that he’s an analytics and scientific marketing ninja. A man who loves automation, and meditates on conversion rates.

The kind of individual who can set up high performance B2B or B2C marketing funnels before lesser souls have tied their shoes for work in the morning. I might even mention that he’s learning to play guitar.


But every one of those descriptions is inadequate. Only a sliver of the mighty oak. Because Joshua Bretag is a modern renaissance man. And it’s precisely this multi-disciplinary character that makes him so startlingly effective.

He analyzes marketing problems through the eyes of an engineer. While tackling technology challenges with entrepreneurial focus. Seeing solutions his narrower minded competitors might miss.


If I was forced to boil him down to a single sentence?

The Henry Ford of complex problem solving.


Whether as a digital marketing manager at Upskilled, where people have said:

He is instrumental in the organization’s digital marketing planning and implementation.Leanne Courtney, Training & Operations Manager - Upskilled

Highly knowledgeable, very engaging, and especially skilled at communicating complex concepts. He is very strong from a technical standpoint, and has a proven ability to turn that strength into results.Daniel Sims, B2B Marketing Manager


Or as the founder of his own consulting firm Blueprint Solutions:


Josh is very knowledgeable and has the experience to offer some very clever tailored solutions that other companies just miss. He is very easy to work with, and meets all of his deadlines and promises.Lisa Askwith, National Manager at APEX BRS

I have referred eight clients to BPS and all of them have been extremely satisfied with the work that has been done.Steve Lamont, Owner of InQwest

These guys are providing unparalleled value for money.Frans de Greef, CEO


He routinely executes on marketing automation and technology projects that would baffle or intimidate less determined troubleshooters.


Projects like…


Plug and Play Marketing Funnels

Where he built out sales and marketing funnels that you can upload into the marketing automation program of your choice. Allowing you to tweak the landing pages and emails, then deploy in your business.


LinkedIn Marketing Strategys

He used LinkedIn as a research tool to identify leads for the business. Then used this list to build out an offline mail campaign to drive influential people back to a custom, dynamic landing page with information unique to them.


Merge Fields Operated Dynamic Video

Joshua built out videos that dynamically generate on the fly depending on the contents of a special merge field in your CRM. This allows you to customize marketing videos based on information in your CRM fields.


Closed Loop Reporting

He built out a full range of Closed Loop Reporting systems using salesforce. Once completed the team was able to dissect a campaign all the way down to the advertisement type on Adwords, and know which ads converted into sales.


Dynamic Landing Pages

He created dynamic landing pages in Eloqua that pull information from Salesforce and show a user their upcoming sessions to attend – with Google Maps, Calendar and attending / not attending information.


Each and every one of those projects were on time, and over delivered. When not hard at work, Joshua Bretag is busy consuming knowledge like a chubby kid left alone with a chocolate cake.


In his spare time he listens to an audio book almost every day. If you want you can even read his reviews right here: Joshua’s Book Reviews & Notes


He’s completed the Conversion XL Course, where he learned about:

  • People and Psychology

  • Conversion & Copywriting

  • Landing Page Optimization

  • Conversion Research

  • Creating Test Hypotheses

  • Personalisation & Real Time Offers

  • Selling & Managing CRO Projects

He also conquered the Google Analytics Academy, mastering the arts of:

  • Collection, Processing, Configuring, and Reporting Data.

  • Cross Device Data Collection.

  • How Data is Transformed Before You See it in Reports.

  • Customizing Analytics.


Or his extensive skills in the areas of:

  • Online Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Digital Marketing

  • Web Development

  • PPC Advertising

  • Conversion Optimization

  • Web Marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Online Advertising

  • Web Development

  • HTML

  • Marketing Theory

  • PHP

  • Social Media

  • Entrepreneurship


And much, much more…


Here’s the bottom line.


If you have a difficult project at the intersection of marketing automation and technology – Joshua Bretag is your first, last, and best solution. But I have to caution you; Joshua won’t work with just anyone. You must be recommended by at least one of his current clients to be eligible for partnership.


Even then, in order to maintain the highest quality of service – only 12 partner slots are available at any one time. Right now, 10 of those have already been filled. So do not hesitate. If you’re serious  Click here to Contact Joshua right now.