The Gunnar Team Got Me - Joshua Bretag

The Gunnar Marketing Team Got Me Good!

Congratulations to the Gunnar Optiks Marketing Department!

I have never bought a product before to get a “Limited Edition Poster” but somehow a $10 poster like this got me to spend just over $150 on computer glasses, well played Gunnar Optiks, Well played.

Here was the email that got me hooked (I usually hate these types of emails and they go straight to the bin)

The Gunnar Optiks Promotion Email


Then as soon as I bought my new glasses I got hit with this saving voucher to encourage me to repeat purchase, well guess what I did bought some glasses! No not for me,  for my team (I swear – insert cheeky grin) as I know how hard they work. Another company that does this well is the clothing brand Witchery, my misses is forever getting pretty awesome deals like spend $200 get $200 with a tight timeline of 5 to 7 days. Whoever is running the marketing department at witchery I salute my hat too you!

Gunnar Optiks Getting me to Repurchase


So here is my new “limited Edition” poster that I got from the Gunnar Optiks team (it’s pretty cool if I do say so myself, currently it is put up next to my computer desk).

The Gunnar Team Got Me - Joshua Bretag


Here is me with my gunnars writing this article for you and you can see part of my poster to the right (sorry for the blurryness, took on my phone camera)

My Gunnars - Joshua Bretag


You would think by now that I would of picked up some photo skills from my misses, Sorry not the case

Well that’s if for me chat soon

By the way if you want to grab some Gunnar Optiks for yourself check them out here I highly recommend them if you spend hours in-front of the computer like I do.

Joshua Bretag is a data-driven growth marketer that manages over 6 figures in advertising spend per day. He has a passion for data driven marketing and analytics that has taken him to working large multi-channel marketing campaigns.

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